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Tue Jun 7 11:13:01 PDT 2005



I am trying to use memcached to cache some database lookups, and everything
is fine, except every so often, like every twenty hits, I get a hiccup.
Where nineteen of the hits take like 0.000425100326538086 seconds, and the
twentieth hit takes 1.04001402854919 seconds.  Every hiccup I have seen has
taken 1.04 something seconds.  Is there something that memcached does
occasionally to catch up or the like that would take around a second on a
dual xeon 2.80GHz box?  I am using the perl interface and the call I am
doing looks like this


my $from_memcache = $memcache->get_multi(@keys);


where $memcache is my object and @keys is an array of keys to get.  By the
by, an occasional second may not seem like a big deal, but if my proof of
concept works, this code will be run billions of times a month.  And I would
really like it to work :-)




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