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Cahill, Earl ecahill at
Tue Jun 7 11:30:02 PDT 2005

Just pondering writing a system with what I call a perfect cache, where
every write wipes appropriate cache stuff, and every read generates the
cache.  It seems like such a system would allow for having nearly every hit
pulling from memcache, where only the first hit generates the memcache.  You
could even have the write generate the memcache if you can show that writes
generally lead to reads.


Anyway, my question is, does livejournal already do this?  Do they actually
serve me hitting my blog directly from memcache?  Looking at this page <> 


I see 348,891 updating their site in the past twenty-four hours, I wonder if
even just a few memcache boxes would be able to keep up with serving all the
text content in perfect cache fashion, with a ttl of say a few hours, saving
countless hits top the db.


I was at the oscon talk last year, and it was likely covered, but I don't
remember every detail.  For me, best talk at the conference.  If it is not
being done, I think it is worth looking into.



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