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Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Thu Jun 9 12:37:02 PDT 2005

PHP users,

New PHP client.

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Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 01:07:06 +0800
From: Samuel Cochran <sj26 at>
To: Brad Fitzpatrick <brad at>
Subject: Re: PHP Memcached Client

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:

>I'm not a PHP guy myself, but I'm sure if you announce this to the mailing
>list there would be plenty of interested people.
>Does your PHP client support multiple servers?
Yup, sure does. That's the main reason I wrote it.

There's two classes: one is a single server interface, which mimics the
PHP Memcache extension (made in C) for when the user doesn't have it
installed, maybe just wanting to try out Memcached, or can't recompile
their PHP installation, or doesn't know how, etc. The second class is a
multi-server manager which can be used with either the first class, or
the PHP extension, interchangably. This makes it faster than the other
PHP memcache script (which is linked from your site).

There are more details on that site:

I haven't written documentation for it yet, but I will do.

-- Samuel Cochran
   sj26 at

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