pgmemcache with Postgres 7.4.x

Dave Evans memcached-list-20050609 at
Fri Jun 10 15:34:32 PDT 2005

I'd love to use pgmemcache, but I'm having problems.  I wonder if anyone
here can help.

First off, for now I'm stuck with Postgres 7.4.x (for some reason 8.0.3
builds, but fails its own regression tests, on our production box).  So
I'm working with 7.4.8-2 (Debian package).  However the pgmemcache
makefile is designed to work with postgres 8.x; under 7.4.x, it fails
because there is no "pg_config --pgxs".

I did find a way of getting it to compile by hand (cc -L../libmemcache
-Dpg_strncasecmp=strncasecmp -Dpg_tm=tm -fpic -shared -o
-I /usr/include/postgresql/server -I ../libmemcache -lmemcache
pgmemcache.c) - builds, and I can load it in (CREATE
FUNCTION) and for a while this all worked just fine.  Then Debian
upgraded Postgres, so I rebuilt pgmemcache, and now it's rather unstable
- sometimes it works, and other times (repeatably) I get segfaults in
the postgres server. :-(

It's all a bit frustrating.  Any help would be appreciated!


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