Wilde, Donald dwilde at sandia.gov
Fri Mar 4 07:05:18 PST 2005

Greetings! I've successfully gotten memcached to function from raw perl,
but I'm not succeeding with the Apache::Session::Memcached variant when
called from embperl includes.

Here's the beginning of my index.epl:
    use Apache;
    use Apache::Session::Memcached;
    my %session;
    tie %session, 'Apache::Session::Memcached', undef, {
        'Servers' => [''],
        'NoRehash' => 1,
        'Readonly' => 0,
        'Debug' => 1,
        'CompressThreshold' => 10_000,
I've tried several variants; this one (which works in raw perl called
from command line) has the Servers value enclosed in an anonymous array
and all keys quoted, as per the Cache::Memcached module docs. My embperl
setup appears to be functioning properly; I can get
Apache::Session::File to work using the same tie structure.

The failure presented is an Apache Internal Server Error:
[728]ERR: 24: Error in Perl code: Can't locate object method "TIEHASH"
+ via package "Apache::Session::Memcached" at /var/web/root/index.epl 
+line 10.

[728]ERR: 24: index.epl(1): Error in Perl code:

Apache/1.3.33 (Unix) mod_perl/1.29 PHP/5.0.0a6-alexdupre HTML::Embperl
+ 1.3.6 [Thu Mar 3 06:49:48 2005]
Thanks in advance!

Don Wilde 
Org 1737, MS1076, 844-1126
dwilde at sandia.gov

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