memcached Python API development status

Pavel Francirek pavel.francirek at
Wed Mar 16 07:00:15 PST 2005


We already made wrapper but have not time to compare tests yet :-(
With Python API we met serious problems when using multiple servers
(high processor load).


On Tue, 2005-03-15 at 23:01 -0500, Damon Hart wrote:
> Hi all -
> I have been using the memcached Python API (caching Python objects used 
> by multiple machines constructed from data in a PostgreSQL database.) I 
> have noticed both the request for maintainers of this code on the API 
> web page and an external web page 
> ( suggesting 
> that there was at least one other person interested in supporting this code.
> I have some observations about the Python code and would like to see 
> some features made accessible in Python implemented which are not 
> present in the Python API.
> Are patches posted to the memcached list appropriate in the absence of a 
> designated maintainer?
> What  are the pros and cons of maintaining the current Python API in 
> comparison to a Python wrapper around libmemcache? The effort to update 
> and add features to the all-Python API might be seen as superfluous in 
> the presence of a libmemcache wrapper.  While I can suggest changes to 
> the current API, I have no experience in creating a wrapper. Is anybody 
> contemplating/working on one?

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