[announce] php: mcache extension 1.1.3

John McCaskey johnm at klir.com
Wed Mar 16 09:49:48 PST 2005

For those who haven't been around in the past and are unfamiliar,
php-mcache is a php extension written in C as a wrapper around Sean
Chittenden's libmemcache c API.  The extension is both faster, and
contains a fuller set of features than the standard PECL extension.

This release fixes a minor memory allocation / free issue related to
serialization of complex php objects.  Php's serialization requires the
use of a php_smart_str type, I previously did not explicitly free the
smart str after using it.  Because of php's garbage collection
facilities this would not truly result in a leak, but was innefficient
and would sometimes result in php giving some warnings (I could never
reproduce this, but Sean was able to at one point).  At any rate, if you
performed a large number of sets/gets of complex objects in a single
page hit it would use a good amount of memory, and then it would all get
freed at the end of the request, now it gets freed earlier and the
memory usage should be lower.

The release is avaiable at http://www.klir.com/~johnm/php-mcache/

John A. McCaskey
Software Development Engineer
Klir Technologies, Inc.
johnm at klir.com

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