PHP Client Hangs Apache: Any Ideas?

Chris Bolt chris-lists at
Wed Mar 16 12:30:40 PST 2005

> I tried using memcached across two servers using the PHP client.  After 
> running the servers for a few hours, the number of apache processes had 
> grown to the maximum number on the server and were requests were being 
> dropped.  The apache processes simply weren't terminating.  I can't 
> "prove" that it was memcached as the issue, but I've repeated this 
> experiment a number of times with and without memcached.  With 
> memcached, apache processes grow and never complete, without memcached 
> there is no problem.

Are you using persistent connections? From what I can tell, when using 
persistent connections with the PHP client, they can sometimes get stuck 
in a state that causes them to hang indefinitely.

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