Various Reading Slowness with PHP

Mike Pacific mike.pacific at
Fri May 27 13:45:54 PDT 2005

Hey everyone,

I am experiencing some massive slowness with memcached over a network.
Using either the PECL or other client, it's slow (really slow, faster
using mysql (although mysql tends to overload within 5 mins and go
down ;))), and on PECL I get these messages a lot:

Failed to write, and not due to blocking
Failed to read, and not due to blocking

Also, sometimes the wrong data is sent back or the whole PHP page just
doesn't finish loading with the PECL extension.

Using memcached1.1.12-rc1 on FreeBSD 4.10. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Mike Pacific
E-Mail - mike.pacific at
Cell - 203.994.5033

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