Memcache proxy

mike mike503 at
Tue Nov 1 20:30:43 PST 2005

That's what I was thinking, along those lines - the biggest drawback
is the multiple server support.

This PHP extension might fix that.

It's modified to support multiple memcache servers. I suppose the rest
of it is just figuring out how you'll create the keys for all the
different types of get/set behaviors... (that's in the stage I'm at as
well...) - if anyone has good examples of how they've added memcache
in to their sites for ALL queries, I'd love to see them (why reinvent
the wheel, and there might be some 'gotchas' I could learn from.)

I expect that memcache would be put into your database abstraction
layer somewhere (depending on what layer you use, etc) - or a data
abstraction layer (where you're not aiming for vendor-inspecific
functionality, but aimed more at adding additional functionality on
top of a standard call - i.e. I have a db_query() call which checks to
see if the database handle has already been established; if not, it
will establish it for me. Makes for no unneccessary connections and a
central connection point, no need to mysql_connect() every single
script, etc.)

I figured what I would do, especially for prepared statements, where
the parameters will be fed separately into the function, is that I can
use these differentiating data points to create the key (and I
suppose, I'll have to figure out a way to dirty/unset the cache on any
DELETE, UPDATE, etc. - that's where I could use the best pointers...
perhaps someone has a BKM for that.)

- mike

On 11/1/05, Ask Bjørn Hansen <ask at> wrote:

> Why not just fix the PHP client?

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