Strategies to cache from MySQL (or any DB I suppose)

Jacob Coby jcoby at
Mon Nov 7 06:29:16 PST 2005

mike wrote:
 > Obviously, when checking to see if the cache exists for that, I
 > suppose I could use "posts:$threadid" for the key. But then I have to
 > make sure that any time I may modify a row returned from that query, I
 > have to dirty the cache for any already-cached information with
 > threadid of $threadid.
 > Hopefully I'm making sense. Perhaps someone else has some BKMs on how
 > to change/break up database operations so that I can do caching on
 > nearly every type of SELECT I will use. Because I'd like to leverage
 > memcache for everything possible.

Well, if you use postgresql, there is the pgmemcache extension.  I don't 
know how easy mysql is to extend (or have it call an external process in 
a trigger), but you may be able to write something similar?

 > File caching is easy - the key would always be the filename (or some
 > sort of token based on it) - but the database stuff gets interesting
 > based on how the data is being retrieved, and also how it's updated.
 > Thanks in advance,
 > mike

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