memcached vs squid

Richard 'toast' Russo russor at
Thu Nov 10 00:05:31 PST 2005

--- Ivan Krstic <krstic at> wrote:

> Daryn Nakhuda wrote:
> > Any opinions or stong arguments for one or the other?  I’ve used
> both
> > heavily in the past and can really think of pros/cons for either.
> If you use memcached for this, you need an extra layer of
> interpreted or
> executed logic between memcached and the web server for each
> request you
> process. Squid doesn't need one, so I expect it would be faster in
> this
> scenario.
> On the other hand, last I checked (which was a long while ago),
> Squid
> didn't easily do fault-tolerant distributed caches, so if you need
> that
> kind of functionality, memcached is the way to go.
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