Any takers? -- Perl API all or partially in C

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Fri Sep 16 16:21:11 PDT 2005

C/Perl hackers,

Six Apart is willing to fund the open source development of Perl memcached
client implemented at least partially in C.

Ideally it'd be such that Cache::Memcached can try to load it on startup.
If found, it'll be used, else the pure-Perl version will be used.

If desired, you can only implement the get/get_multi (implemented in
_load_multi) function from the Perl library, since that's the hot area
that we care about.  We'd actually prefer this, as it means a smaller
amount of code changing, and it keeps the overall library malleable.  On
the other hand, this almost certainly requires writing custom new (XS)
code to work with our existing client object.  Wrapping an entire existing
C library might be easier.

If interested, contact me directly and we can talk about price and


- Brad

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