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Thu Sep 29 14:33:14 PDT 2005

Thinking you might want to add a delete to your script.  I would also
suggest doing a distinct thing in the value, just so when you set and
get, you know you are getting back what you just set.
Then each time you can do something like

my $value = time . ".$$";

->set($key, $value, 4*60)

And check after each thing to make sure all is well.  I wrote a similar
script not too long ago.  Can't seem to find it right now though.  I
also added in timings just to make sure things were getting done
reasonably fast.


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For any of you running nagios monitoring.. I wrote a check script for  
it (announcement here: 
nagios-check-for-memcached )


ps.. I just noticed  Alexandre's stat script, which also seems pretty  
cool as well.. I'll try to get that integrated into the nagios check  
in the next couple of days.

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