Who's in the mood for a new memcached release?

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at danga.com
Fri Aug 18 05:50:21 UTC 2006

This is a merge of facebook's changes into the main version, with some
of the new features that were conflicting removed, others partially
still there, etc, etc.

WARNING:  we're not using it in production.  I can't vouch for its
quality.  Facebook can vouch for the version they used, but maybe I messed
it up merging it in.  HERE BE DRAGONS.  Be scared.

That said,


Notice the /experimental/ in the URL?  PACKAGERS:  Don't package this yet.
It's a dev release.

Everybody else:  bang on it.

Let's find any issues and get a release out.  It's been too long, and I
want to finish vbuckets, but want a stable tree to hack on.

Also wanted:  benchmarks between this and last stable release.

Feedback requested....

- Brad

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