memcached limits

Lexington Luthor Lexington.Luthor at
Wed Aug 30 11:00:46 UTC 2006


Is there a limit to the number of keys I can request in a single get 
request? I have tried a few thousand at a time and things seem to be 
working fine, but I don't want to hit a sudden unexpected limit. My 
client code will send as many as it can at a time to minimize the 
round-trips. Can memcached handle that? (I see in the memcached code 
that it reads the entire line before responding to any of the keys, is 
that the best way?).

Also, will sending many keys on a single request hurt the latency of the 
response to the other clients connected to that server? Will memcached 
block other client requests while responding to the get request or will 
it continue normally?

My client code is single-threaded and currently most (60%) of its time 
is spent waiting for readline() on a socket to memcached. Is there a way 
to batch set and delete requests like get requests to minimize the 
number of round trips and time spent waiting?


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