question about multiple server setup

Steven Grimm sgrimm at
Wed Aug 30 19:08:49 UTC 2006

Yes, every time you change the pool size, you will basically have to 
clear out your cache.

There was some stuff in one of the 1.1.13 prereleases (not sure if it's 
still there) to abstract the number of physical servers from the hash 
value resolution such that you could add and remove servers and still 
retain most of your existing cache entries. I think that was more of a 
"laying groundwork for the future" thing than a "you can use it right 
now" thing, but maybe that impression is incorrect.


Evert|Rooftop wrote:
> One more question, the trivial hash you describe is probably based on 
> the weight + the connectionstring, am I correct in this assumption?
> Does this mean that every time I would add a box all the hashes change 
> and different servers will be picked ?
> Evert

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