Memcached slower than Caching in files?

Silvan Mühlemann | tilllate AG silvan.muehlemann at
Sun Dec 3 20:50:03 UTC 2006


A few weeks ago I have measured the performance of memcached and 
compared it to the caching in files (see

The test setup was not really appropriate for the following reasons 
(thanks to Daniel and Jean-Francois for the hints):

- I did not use file locking
- I did not test it in a multi-threaded environment (e.g. through the 
web server)

I have now rewritten the tests and test it with file locking (by using 
Cache_Lite) and with Apachebench (ab2).

The results are now much more satisfying:

* Number of different Items         200
* Request time in case of a miss      1 s
* Item Size                       10000 bytes
* Number of concurrent ab2 threads   10
* Number of requests               4000

* No Caching                     18 Requests/s
* Cache_Lite on local Disk       99 Requests/s
* Cache_Lite on NFS Disk         18 Requests/s
* Memcache on remote Server     102 Requests/s

So I guess it's worth switching from Cache_Lite to memcached in our 
clustered environment!


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