Win32 Memcache Misses

Jeremy Kronuz kronuz at
Tue Dec 5 20:17:16 UTC 2006

Stephen Bazemore wrote:
>We've started experiencing problems with memcached on windows as of late. 
>run a site which gets roughly 12 million page views per day. Over the past
>week we have been experiencing a lot of misses on the cache which is 
>our databases to back up with queries. We are running 7 instances of
>memcached at the moment.

Is that using the Win32 port of memcached?

>Does anyone have any experience with memcached in a high traffic windows
>environment? If so, could you provide us with any information that may be
>causing the current situation?

I don't think anybody really has much experience running the win32 port of 
memcached, let alone high traffic; however it's great to hear it's been 

>We are running memcached version 1.1.13
>Any help is appreciated.

Please try running the new ports (either 1.2.1 or the previous 1.2.0) or 
even the old 1.1.12; the 1.1.13 had some bugs that were fixed in version 
1.2.0 and where not present in version 1.1.12; 1.2.x also uses the new 
features in the memcached core of the 1.2.x branch and thus it has new 
improvements and features that, even though have still not been tested as 
much as the older versions of memcached, should greatly increase performance 
and stability; it would probably be better to stay away from the win32 
memcached version 1.1.13, as it had some major issues.

You can get the win32 ports of memcached at:

Please share your experience with these newer versions.


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