memory fragmentation issues in 1.2?

George Schlossnagle george at
Wed Dec 6 21:50:57 UTC 2006


I'm seeing some weird behavior on my memcached 1.2 instances.  Overtime
the RSS of my processess is growing and growing.  I start out at around
800M (my configured memory size), and it monotonically grows (over a
period of a couple weeks) until it is over double that size and gets
killed by the OOM killer.

Trying to duplicate this behavior under valgrind hasn't been very
fruitful, which makes me suspect it's system memory fragmentation.

Has anyone else seen this sort of behaviour?  Is there some likely EBKAC
that I might be engaging in that could cause this?  I have some ideas
for working around this, but I'd much rather just be told I'm stupid. :)


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