Some question abt memcached

howard chen howachen at
Fri Dec 8 18:43:55 UTC 2006

On 12/8/06, Paul Querna <chip at> wrote:
> howard chen wrote:
> > 1. If a variable, say a string, with 1KB in size, is to be stored in
> > memcached, how many actual memory will be used?
> It uses a slab allocation, so it depends on where what size your slabs
> are.  In older versions, they were power of two(64, 128, 256...), so you
> could expect some large amounts of waste, but this is no longer the case
> in 1.2+.
> > 2. If the server used up all its memory, is that memcached will swap
> > base on the LRU algorithm? (Lease recently used, i.e. least recently
> > get)?
> Yes, its an LRU.
> -Paul

currently i am using 1.1.12, how can I find out the ratio
(approximation is okay),

and how abt 1.2.x ?


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