Suggested memory allocation for memcached

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at
Sat Dec 16 10:22:36 UTC 2006

On Dec 16, 2006, at 2:08, howard chen wrote:

> for example,
> I have 2GB ram, I have the following software run on the same server:
> 1. Apache 2
> 2. MySQL 5
> 3. Memcached
> How much memory I should allocate the Memcached?

The question really doesn't make much sense without more context.

Find however much memory you have available when you are running your  
application and use that (be sure to count however much memory you  
need for the kernel page cache when you calculate "available memory").

You could start with very little (say 128MB) and then monitor how  
much you are using it.  For some applications it might be fine, for  
others it'll be completely unusable.

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