Memcached keys expiring too soon (please ignore)

Kenneth Pedersen kenneth+memcache at
Wed Dec 20 19:49:50 UTC 2006

Please ignore my rambling. The server code accessing the memcached
instance runs a flush_all on database rollbacks. Seems that happens a
lot more often than we have anticipated.

-Kenneth, in need of a rubber duck.

Kenneth Pedersen wrote:
> Hi,
> We have a cluster with five webservers accessing a single memcached
> instance. When setting keys, the keys typically have a lifetime of only
> a few seconds (typically around 10s) in the cache, even if we set expiry
> time to 0 (do not expire). The memory usage of memcached is not even
> near its maximum quota. We have also tested explicitly setting expiry
> time to some large value (e.g. 10000 seconds), but this makes no difference.
> [snip]

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