How can i install memcache in Windows XP

Jeremy Kronuz kronuz at
Sat Dec 23 18:26:10 UTC 2006

>On 12/23/06, Junaid Ali Shah <sjunaidalishah at> wrote:
>>I just want to know how can i install memcache and other related tools for
>>memory cache using php 4.4 in Windows XP. As i am using IIS rather Apache. 
>>am waiting positive response from all of you guys.
>>Junaid Ali
>>IT Executive
>>CyberVision International
>Memcached for Win32

I have finally updated the memcached for win32 website so that you can 
download version 1.2.1 from

Jehiah made some changes to the website and I had no access since the 5th I 
tried to upload the files until now that I figured it out :-)

Please if anyone finds bugs or anything, let me know; this version of 
memcached for win32 has the bug fixes from 1.2.1 and also several 
improvements in the way the win32 code handles stuff, so it should work a 
lot better.

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