undefined method `incr' for <MemCache: 1 servers, 1 buckets

andrew at flypublishing.com andrew at flypublishing.com
Mon Dec 25 14:08:24 UTC 2006

Ah, nevermind, I didn't realize the incr and add functions are ONLY in
the Ruby-MemCache version.

On 12/25/06, andrew at flypublishing.com <andrew at flypublishing.com> wrote:
> undefined method `incr' for <MemCache: 1 servers, 1 buckets, ns:
> "myName", ro: false>:MemCache
> Hello, I'm using the Ruby API (memcache not Ruby-MemCache) and I keep
> getting these undefined method errors for certain functions.  The
> "set" function works fine, as does the [key] get function, but 'incr'
> and 'add' both give the error above.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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