ERR#35 'Resource temporarily unavailable'

Victor Gumayuno gva at
Wed Dec 27 07:59:12 UTC 2006

Hi everybody,

please help :)

We're running memcached to lower mysql DB servers load.
There're several computers with memcached 1.2.0, all under FreeBSD 5.4 
and 6.1.
They perform well (at least they meet our expectations),
but when we tried to trace them with truss, we noticed that it complains 
a lot about some error:

read(0x46,0xbdd7000,0x2000)               ERR#35 'Resource temporarily 

What's the reason for this message and whether it has some negative 
impact on the overall performance?
If so, what can we do to avoid it?

Thanks in advance.

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