Suggestion for future version of memcached?

Randy Wigginton krw at
Sat Dec 30 19:32:27 UTC 2006

The namespace feature would be very nice.

Another feature that I would love to see: Flush all expired objects  

Why would I want this?  So I can get accurate statistics about memory  
used by non-expired objects.  For example, in using memcache for  
session management, it is hard to see whether the instance is large  
enough or not.

Also would be nice to see stats on ejected non-expired objects; but  
that might exist already, I'm not sure.

On Dec 30, 2006, at 1:36 AM, Eric Hodel wrote:

> On Dec 29, 2006, at 23:40, howard chen wrote:
>> just randomly think of some suggestions for next version of  
>> memecached
>> 1. namespace support, so we can
>> a. delete the whole namespace
>> b. list all elements in the namespace
> Please go read the archives for why this feature doesn't currently  
> exist.
>> c. allocate different size to the namespace, such as 100MB to A,  
>> 200MB
>> to B, so we can have a better control on the utilization.
> You can accomplish this right now with multiple instances.
> memcached -p 1025 -m 100
> memcached -p 1026 -m 200
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> Eric Hodel - drbrain at -

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