Suggestion for future version of memcached?

Just Marc marc at
Sun Dec 31 06:17:29 UTC 2006


You are correct.  There are in fact many ways of achieving this outside 
the application, however, I prefer not to use any of them when 
performance and stability and manageability are of concern, it's good to 
keep things as simple as possible.

While iptables will easily do this, I prefer not to even use it on 
production machines.  It's best to keep complexity and variable counts 
low, especially in production.


> On Sun, 31 Dec 2006 05:13:37 +0000 "Just Marc" <marc at> wrote:
>> The ability to listen on more than one IP at a time.
> On linux it is easy to make a REDIRECT rule with iptables to accomplish 
> that.
> Other platforms have similar facilities.
>   - ask

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