Which is better - epoll or libevent?

Patrick Michael Kane modus-memcache at pr.es.to
Thu Feb 2 12:34:13 UTC 2006

* mike (mike503 at gmail.com) [060202 04:27]:
> On Linux 2.6.x, debian-amd64, 2+ gigs of RAM per machine, gigE internal network?
> I can't tell from the main page which is better for Linux... it says
> libevent is fast, but it uses epoll if it detects it (which I assume
> is something I need to enable in the kernel)

You don't choose between libevent and epoll.  Memcached always uses
libevent for its event handling.

libevent, in turn, will choose the best available method that your
system can support.

If you're running 2.6, you almost certainly have epoll support in your
kernel and glibc, so you should be good to go.

Patrick Michael Kane
<modus-memcache at pr.es.to>

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