Need your help about Memcache!

=?GB2312?B?wM/QsA==?= swansun95 at
Mon Feb 6 07:49:03 UTC 2006


I have a problem of memcache might need your help. it's that
I'm using the memcache server on our website which has million
pageviews one day.
now the memcache do work on our server. but there is a harddisk problem occur .
our harddisk space will be used up when memcached server run about three days .
i have to reboot the server in that time ... I tried to read more documents
about memcache . but can't find any ways to solve the harddisk problem.
here is my command line to run the memcached server
/usr/local/bin/memcached -d -r -m 1024 -l -p 11211

the harddisk problem make me crazy ... T_T
can u help me ???

thank you very much!

best regards


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