PECL memcache extension

Brian Moon brianm at
Tue Feb 7 17:28:37 UTC 2006

> 2 - I have this working *today*.  Again, it's not very difficult.  The 
> only reason for the thread is to see if there's interest in extending 
> the PECL extension to support this sort of scenario.  I happen to think 
> it's very useful - you get all of the speed of memcached with next to no 
> worry about stale reads, even in multi-server failure scenarios.  What's 
> not to like?

What I do not like is that while a node is out, my database is getting 
hit over and over when their is supposed to be a cache.  We use 
memcached so that we don't repeat database requests over and over.

Of course, if this is an option then no worries.  I just won't turn it on.


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