namespace bids

Cahill, Earl ecahill at
Fri Feb 10 18:29:46 UTC 2006

> I'm out here.  Sorry, wasn't following this thread for awhile now
> I thought it was a different list.  Kinda swamped lately.


> BUT ... we have a bunch of memcached changes that we've been wanting,
> proper namespaces is one of them.  Bigger is the vbucket work (which
> avva's already done, but we need a tracker), and a binary protocol, at
> least for gets.

Not sure what a vbucket is, but good to see namespaces on the list :)
Any idea of who could work on this, and how long you would expect it to
take?  Sounds like you got the perl client rewritten in a freelance kind
of way, were you pleased with the results?

> We'd be happy to take patches upstream, assuming there's a bit of
> first in the public, and not a huge code dump.

Maybe we could start with proposals for client functionality, from the
standpoint of say the perl client, then later consider the backend
implications, and then the implications for the other clients.


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