Announcing Java Memcached Server

Jehiah Czebotar jehiah at
Thu Jan 5 06:04:30 UTC 2006

yes you read that right. Java Memcached Server

Questions get asked on this list regularly for a memcached server that
runs on windows. I'm happy to announce a beta port of the memcached
server to Java. All (see note below) the memcached functions work, and
it can be used as a drop in replacement for the linux C version.

That said, I want your help testing it out. (specifically heavy load testin=
If you are interested please test away and let me know how it

Is it quick enough? At this point - without even any performance
tuning it performs at between a quarter and half the speed of the C version=

Where the C version does 40k sets in 4 seconds,
the Java version does it in 14 seconds.
Where the C version does 40k gets in 3 seconds,
the Java version does it in 6 seconds.

(on windows the gets/sets in java seem to be equal, but I can't
compare that apples for apples to a linux version. The numbers above
are running on linux on the same box.)

1. the time parameter to the flush command is not implemented (some
clients don't even implement it)
2. You can't specify a max size in Mb right now, it must be in # elements.

Thanks for your interest
Jehiah at

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