Deletes Are Driving Me Crazy

Jeff Rodenburg jeff.rodenburg at
Wed Jan 11 17:24:48 UTC 2006

On 1/11/06, Matthew Glubb <matt at> wrote:
> I simply wish to be able to delete a key that has a zero expiry
> period and then immediately be able to add a key of the same name.
> The reason that I cannot use set is because if it already exists in
> the cache I do not want to replace the value.

I have a somewhat similar requirement, but I'm curious about this specific
approach.  It sounds as if an object may go into the cache with a given key,
but in some scenarios if that key is already in use, that object would use a
different key in the cache.  Is that accurate?

This sound as if you might be using the cache as a queue or something to
delineate prioritization or ordering.

I know this doesn't resolve the particular add/delete/add scenario, but I'm
curious about the requirements side.

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