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Brian Moon brianm at
Sun Jul 2 20:44:08 UTC 2006

Marcel Holan wrote:
> Hi,
> we haven't looked for a long time on Cache::Memcached (yeah the Perl Client), because it simply works
> for us. But of course one does not want to be potentionally inefficient, so
> before I'll have a look at the new Perl-Client (allegedly 2times as fast as
> Cache::Memcached on CPAN - but not according to your tests).
> Well I had a brief look at Cache::Memcached 1.18 on CPAN. Uuuuh - oooh....
> Clearly written way before the days of PBP.
> Clearly written by a Non-Perlie.
> Clearly improvable.
> Strange. I thought Tree::Nary (on CPAN) which we have re-written for our own
> use and lowered its space requirements by a factor of eight and improved its
> speed by a factor of 10-20 (depending on operation) was an exception.
> - Never use "return undef"
> - Never use for-push, use map instead
> - fields?
> - shift instead @_; $_[x] instead shift
> - ...

Well, I did not write the Perl client.  Um, I believe Danga (maybe even 
Brad himself) did.  Brad has spoken very kindly of other rewriting it to 
be better and more efficient.

Again, my tests are not perfect.  They are simply my experiences.

Feel free to take my code and tests and see what you can do with them.


Brian Moon
Its good to be cheap =)

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