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Marcel Holan mh at
Mon Jul 3 16:41:41 UTC 2006


On Sun, Jul 02, 2006 at 08:38:09PM +0000, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> I particularly like being called a non-Perlie, given that that's pretty
> much the only language I hack in.  :)

I didn't intend to be overly pejorative. I too have now a decade of Perl
Hacking on my back, but looking at my own code I think I'm able to write good
code only for the last two years or so. ;-)

Probably a really significant speed improvement could be only done with either
XS or Inline::C client. I aggree, that there must/should be a pure Perl
alternative, but that's exactly what I would do: Start with the pure Perl
implementation and do Inline::C if available. Nevertheless, the pure Perl is

I guess I will run into detailed performance considerations of
Cache::Memcached in late August or September on a new project I have to
babysit. So if the perl client will need improvement I will have the time
allocated for that. That's 2-3 months, but I know then I will not get

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