protocol bugs in memcached-1.1.13-pre(2)?

Serhat Sakarya serhat at
Thu Jul 13 23:08:51 UTC 2006

I'm trying to integrate memcached into our relatively busy site (6M
pageviews/day), so I've been stress testing it on our network a bit.

I was trying the latest download (1.1.13-pre2) and found a protocol
violation: sometimes the final "END" is missing, which causes problems for
e.g. the PHP memcache module -- it will report the node as down. This occurs
mostly when working with large data sets (300k+) from a process that runs on
the same machine. If a remote machine is used, it works fine...

This problem occurs in 1.1.13-pre, but not in 1.1.12.

I guess I should stick to 1.1.12 for my site then...?


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