Is memcached really faster than MySQL on very simple query?

Elliot F elliotf-danga-memcached at
Sat Jul 15 04:06:04 UTC 2006

Excuse me, I sent a bad link.  The code was actually sent to me directly
from Chris Hondl.  As I understand, he sent the code to you as well, so
it was kind of pointless to make you aware of it.  :)

Elliot F wrote:
> dormando wrote:
>> We would get considerable latency benefits from having a *fast*
>> asyncronous memcached client library that could be embedded directly
>> into perlbal. Otherwise it's not that big a deal. In my current setup
>> the backend is all PHP anyway...
> Dormando, did you see the post to the memcached mailing list regarding
> an async client for perlbal?
> Specifically:
> Elliot

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