is memcached scalable and ...?

Abhishek abhishek.pareek at
Wed Jul 26 11:52:21 UTC 2006

  I am a neebie. I am using the java version of memcached and I have some  questions regarding it. Pls answer even though they are trivial :-
  1. Where can i get proper information abt what the functions like  MemcachedClient.compressionThreshold(), compressionEnable()... becoz  javadocs dont seem to explain them. I am using them in my code but i  dont know why i m using them?
  Similarly, for SocketIOPool.setWeights(), setNagle() , etc.. What are the basic parameters that need to be set for making a pool?   
  2. Is the java version scalable as the 'C' module one? 
  3. How fast is the 'C' module compared to the java version?
  I am still experimenting the more on it. Your response will be a great help. I would really appreciate it.

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