invalidation by namespace Re: Listing all keys on a server: why?

Chris Hondl chris at
Fri Jul 28 14:49:47 UTC 2006

We've implemented essentially this approach to namespaces in PHP here at
IMVU (we call them a cache-class).  It works great - we set very long
timeouts on most of our queries, and still give our users instant feedback
when the underlying data changes.

I've blogged about our implementation
included a zip file containing our implementation for others to use.



On 7/28/06, Serhat Sakarya <serhat at> wrote:
> On 7/28/06, Paul T <pault12345 at> wrote:
> >
> > 3. key_salt is stored in memcached forever.
> The problem I see with this approach is that when the salt *does* get lost
> (node reboot, failure, etc), you risk that old data may be revalidated.
> In this case, I think that it's better to trade some efficiency for data
> integrity by including the salt in the value instead of the key. It will
> result in more lookups, but losing the salt won't cause issues. The
> scalability in this area makes sure that any performance loss won't be of
> the painful kind.
> Regards,
> Serhat
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