invalidation by namespace Re: Listing all keys on a server: why?

Serhat Sakarya serhat at
Mon Jul 31 09:19:29 UTC 2006

On 7/31/06, Don MacAskill <don at> wrote:
> Everything always depends on use case, but even a tiny amount of time is
> not acceptable for my use case.  Since it's acting as a buffer for my DB,
> there's a chance the stale, incorrect data could then corrupt my DB with
> invalid data.  If your use case can tolerate stale/corrupt/invaliddata, then
> so be it.  :)

Wouldn't you still be able to get stale data in case of a temporary network

The case I specifically want to optimize is relatively simple: a gallery of
images where we construct the page based on cached query results. Since
they're for viewing only, it won't matter if they're up to 10 minutes out of
date in the worst case.

As long as I don't base writes to the DB on cached entries, I should be in a
safe area, right?


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