Strange memcached behavior on stress test

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at
Sun Jun 11 04:07:15 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I asked a question in my email about the stress test script, but I think 
it might have gotten lost in the other information I posted. So I'll ask 

Running the stress test with multiple clients eventually starts to 
generate a lot of failures. After pushing a large number of GB through 
the cache (like 64 GB+, don't remember the exact number) we started 
getting a lot for failures on the test clients, like one was failing 30% 
and another failing 60% of its sets. Restarting the server cleared the 
problem until we pushed a lot of data through the cache again.

So what is going on? Is this the cache fragmentation problem? Is there a 
fix for this problem? Other thoughts?


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