first time user with out of memory question

Ivan Krstic krstic at
Mon Jun 12 17:52:22 UTC 2006

Paul T wrote:
>  You're right. What is implemented in memcached should
> be called "Lazy Garbage Collection". 

No, it shouldn't. Memcached doesn't do GC. It does LRU ejection.

>  Either :
>  "it is so simple - it can not have bugs" or 
>  "I just fixed the last bug in that part of code" 
>  - it can not be *both* at the same time, right? 

It turns out that in various usage scenarios, the way a slab allocator
allocates memory is counterintuitive if you don't prime it, as Steve
mentioned, by sticking in an object for each size class that you care
about. So it's not that the allocator is buggy or complex; it's that
it's sometimes too simple for its own good.

> Unfortunately, memcached is an asynchronous
> application (based on libevent). 

How is this unfortunate?

> For that kind of
> applications (timing/pattern/load/OS sesnitive) -- "it
> runs in my environment" does not mean that it would
> work for a different setup.

That's a complete non-sequitur.

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