first time user with out of memory question

timeless time at
Mon Jun 12 22:27:00 UTC 2006

> There is a reason we spent time reworking memcached's network I/O to 
> reduce its CPU consumption: we were getting uncomfortably close to 
> running out of CPU capacity on our memcached servers (and these are 
> not slow old machines).

Oh, now this is extremely interesting.

When you were getting "uncomfortably close" to the CPU max, what would 
you guess was the rate of CPU increase vs. the rate of memcached usage 

Our memcached nodes utilise 1/50% CPU at 400 hits/sec. At volumes around 
400 hits/sec, the CPU:workload (C:W) ratio is <1. Assuming a constant 
C:W ratio, this means we should utilise <<20% CPU at 400k hits/sec.

Given you were hitting CPU discomfort levels at 19k hits/sec, C:W must 
become >>1 at those volumes. (I doubt our memcached node CPUs are 20x 
faster than yours... waaa-ait a minute, maybe Facebook is buying up all 
those $100 laptops???)


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