first time user with out of memory question

timeless time at
Thu Jun 15 07:30:06 UTC 2006

Paul T wrote:

> I bet that you would never get 40K hps on TCP....800 hps is nothing - on such a load every layer
>breeds freely. It is the bottlenecks that kill the performance. That stuff is totally non-linear.
I believe this. Good to know this is expected behaviour.

> There are many things one can do to udnerstand the
>limits of their memcached instance, but they all begin
>with the stress test.
I'll soon do a real-world stress test of our memcached nodes. I have not 
yet installed the Facebook-patched Memcached, so I expect our tests will 
yield significantly less than 19k get requests/sec before getting into 
the realm of discomfort. If I find anything surprising or interesting, 
I'll post here.


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