PHP vs. Python vs. Perl

Larry Leszczynski larryl at
Wed Jun 28 20:15:35 UTC 2006


> I have messed with that Apache config now and did not keep a copy of the 
> mod_perl configuration.  I want to say I used real handlers as that was what 
> appeared to be the fastest method.

Thanks Brian, I will take a look at that tar file.

One thing that occurred to me might make for a good test:  Your second 
test was pulling a 212K file from memcached - what if you have another 
test that uses the exact same Perl/Python/PHP code, except that it pulls 
the 212K file from disk, or generates a 212K blob of data in memory? 
Comparing those thw tests might help tease out how much of the difference 
between the languages is due to their respective memcached clients.


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