Memcached as a Sessions Store (etc)

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Wed Jun 28 21:37:13 UTC 2006

Brian Moon wrote:

>> ...MySQL was plenty capable of keeping up with the inserts and 
>> selects done to deal with sessions. Our problem was actually with 
>> clearing out old sessions....
> Ah, switching our session table to InnoDB solved this problem for us. 

We used InnoDB for sessions. It wasn't table- or row-level locking. It 
was OS-level contention. Using Memcached in front of MySQL would've 
reduced the load and allowed the admin script to do its work, but that 
highlights the question: why even have MySQL behind memcached at all? We 
don't need or even want non-volatile sessions. (Important note to 
reader: you may need or want non-volatile sessions)


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