PHP vs. Python vs. Perl

Brian Moon brianm at
Wed Jun 28 22:25:41 UTC 2006

> The numbers are *way* off. Factor of 5-10 for an
> application that just sends 212K back and forth over
> the network? 

I was as surprised as you are.  That is one reason I posted this here.

> Are the PHP client gzipping by default, but Perl and
> Python's do not? For 212K files - that would explain
> it.

They are all default installs.  I did nothing special on any of them.

> If the client (purposely) fetches data in tiny chunks,
> concatenating them as it goes not thinking about
> associated marshalling costs - something like that
> could possibly cause the factor of 10 slowdown on a
> large file. 

Again, I am not trying to find what is wrong with the clients as they 
exist.  I am simply using the clients that are available to me.

> Also there might be something else and that 'else' is
> related to the way (particular build?) of Perl/Python
> deals with the network layer.

Again, its all default stuff.  You can download the code and have a look 
for yourself.

Admittedly, I am a PHP guy.  So, if someone wants to recommend a better 
test for the other clients to prove me wrong, I welcome it.


Brian Moon
Its good to be cheap =)

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