PHP vs. Python vs. Perl

Ian Holsman lists at
Thu Jun 29 00:54:19 UTC 2006

personally I think the test is valid.

most developers are not going to go into the guts of a library and  
tweak this and that to make it work faster. they don't care if it  
uses C under the covers.
for all they care it could use a flying pigeon.

if PHP (as shipped) is faster than the existing Perl/Python (as  
shipped) by 5-6x this is a important thing to note.

would it change my decision to write in language X? maybe... but it  
does mean the guys who write the perl/python library should lift  
their game and use a 'C' library to get a equivalent boost.

this of course assumes the memcache operation takes up a size-able  
percentage of your request time.

On 29/06/2006, at 10:39 AM, Paul T wrote:

> --- Brian Moon <brianm at> wrote:
>>> The numbers are *way* off. Factor of 5-10 for an
>>> application that just sends 212K back and forth
>> over
>>> the network?
>> I was as surprised as you are.  That is one reason I
>> posted this here.
>  I am not surprised, actually. In my email I
> questioned your benchmark and explained why I think it
> is questionable.
>>> Are the PHP client gzipping by default, but Perl
>> and Python's do not? For 212K files - that would
>> explain
>>> it.
>> They are all default installs.  I did nothing
>> special on any of them.
>  PECL?
>  from ?
>  grep compression *
>  php_memcache.h:#define MMC_DEFAULT_SAVINGS 0.2
>   /* minimum 20% savings for compression to be used */
>  It is gzipping, man.
>> Again, its all default stuff.  You can download the
>> code and have a look  for yourself.
>  Oh, humanity.
>> Admittedly, I am a PHP guy.  So, if someone wants to
>> recommend a better
>> test for the other clients to prove me wrong, I
>> welcome it.
>  I aready told you:
>  1. First - change the size of the file from 212K to
> 10K and see what happens.
>  2. Second - look inside the clients and see if PHP
> gzips and others don't.
>  I run grep for you on a PHP client code (above),  I
> guess you can now run grep on Perl / Python clients by
> yourself, no?
> Rgds.Paul.
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