php, python, perl, again.

Paul T pault12345 at
Fri Jun 30 22:42:23 UTC 2006

> memcached gets. It is 10.000 of 100 hits bursts. If
> 10.000 iterations is too much for you - make at
> least 1000 iterations. Or 100.
>  Not *one* iteration (of "100 hits burst"), for
> crying
> out loud. 
>  There is no 'benchmarks' with 1 iteration. 

And of course, if you will be keeping the size of the
packet to 10 bytes, then there is a good chance that
you will get the decimal point sliding to the right,
but the overall numbers *will*stay*the*way*they*are*, 

That's why I gave you those 10.000 iterations (to push
decimal point four symbols to the right))

 This is to save us some time and prevent your next
email "but the numbers are still the same"! (most
likely they should be - on 10 bytes packets).

Have a nice weekend, anyway.


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